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Questions on the usage of some bonus cards

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#1 Cho



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Geschrieben 27. April 2017 - 18:22

1. Can I use these bonus cards to stay at the same place and take action?
    1.1 "Move to a corner", in case my merchant is already at one corner.
    1.2 "Pay 3 Lira to move to any place."
    1.3 "Move to another player's merchant", in case there is another player's merchant at the same place as my merchant.

2. About the "move family member" bonus card:

     2.1 Can I use two of the cards to move my family member for two tiles?

     2.2 If the answer for 2.1 is "yes", can I use the first card to move forth and the second on to move back so I can take the action at the same place?

thank you

#2 Ralph Bruhn

Ralph Bruhn


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Geschrieben 09. Mai 2017 - 11:38

To 1.) No, you can't. You need the specific card "Move 0 spaces"


To 2.) No, you can't, because the action with the family member is the important part of the card and after this action your turn is over.

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