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Two questions about Adventure Island cards (English Edition)

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#1 NickAu



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Geschrieben 31. Oktober 2019 - 06:36



My first question is about putting card 122 (Driftwood) into the archive. This is done after the first adventure ("There is hope" card). However, after the 2nd adventure it is mentioned to archive 122 again ("Are you prepared"). I've assumed this is a typo and is referring to the last driftwood card (#120) in the flotsam deck. 


My second question is about the chess set (#331). The skill icon is white, when rolling which colour should it be to succeed?




#2 Stefan Stadler

Stefan Stadler

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Geschrieben 12. November 2019 - 10:17

Hi Nick,


referring question 1: Yes, it's a typo and should be 120.


About the Chess Set: You and another player can discard a fatigue marker, that is placed at the mentioned skill. You do not need to roll the dice, just discard the fatigue marker.


Best regards,


Stefan Stadler

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